Problem analysis

We identify your problem and help you to find your unique selling point with the highest value for your customers. This procedure is also part of our product development.

Use Innovation

We build modern reactive microservices for the cloud. With partners all over the world we have a high expertise for your problem. From basic infrastructue over machine learning tasks to modern ui components we create your individual solution.

Customer centric work

We use Lean Startup and agile Projectmanagment in our daily business. On the one side we create our own SaaS Products and on the other side we use it in our consulting projects. So we can generate business value based on your USP rapidly fast.

with Cloud Computing

Like we do it with our own SaaS products you can easily get a reachability over 99.9% and more with our software solutions. 

Not only customers like Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt trust our know-how, we also teach microservices and programming at the University of Applied Science Rosenheim.

Reactive Microservices

Our software development is optimized for the cloud. We are following the Reactive Manifesto and use technologies and methods from IT giants like Google, Netflix, Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Walmart and many more.


Our software solutions respond in a timely manner if possible at all.


Our cloud solutions are scaling automatically from the current workload.


Your software stays up, even when there is a hardware or software failure.

Message Driven

We use asynchrones messages to get loosely coupled components

Leading Technologies

How can we help you?

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It's worth to stay innovative with us!


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